Writing Workshop FUNdraiser

The personal essays these writers developed about the theme "honesty" will touch your heart and even your funny bone.

The personal essays these writers developed about the theme “honesty” will touch your heart and even your funny bone.

Writing is integral to your personal and professional life whether you make your living as a writer or not.

Who couldn’t use a little help (or a refresher) on improving your writing style and mechanics?

Wouldn’t it be nice to learn more about how to organize your thoughts into coherent essays and get constructive feedback on your work?

Thinking about writing a memoir? A family history? A novel? How do you take your ideas and pull them together? What are the ethical and legal issues you need to consider?

After all of your hard work, wouldn’t it be great to get your writing published? But how?

The writing workshops offered as FUNdraisers to benefit the building fund for the new Ridgefield Community Library answer all of these questions and more!

More? What more could they offer you?

  1. You get to meet people like you who love to write (and read) and support libraries.
  2. Through weekly assignments, you stretch your writing muscles thus foiling the procrastinator in you.
  3. Your sparkling final essay will become (if you choose) part of an eventual anthology of short personal essays entitled More than a Dream: Stories About what Matters Most. The book will be edited, published and sold locally and nationally. You’ll be published!
  4. You learn something new and share what you know with others.
  5. You get to have fun while helping a worthy cause.

So far, the writing workshops have raised $1,100 for the Library Building Fund.

The cost of the 5-week workshop (10 hours of instruction, constructive feedback on your written work, free editing of your final essay for publication and plenty of detailed handouts) is $75. This is a tax deductible donation!

Look for more writing workshops in the future. They will be offered in April, July and October.



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