Truth and Beauty: A Writing Workshop Just for YOU!

All right, class. Give me 1,500 words on beauty. Make it the truth and make it riveting just like I taught you. Go!

All right, class. Connect to your inner (fill in an inspirational author like Dr. Seuss). Give me verbs and nouns. Make your words profound. Make them from your heart. Make them really smart. Um. This is not a poetry workshop.


Writing can be personal or utilitarian, fiction or fact, occasional therapy or a routine requirement of your job. Regardless of what role writing plays in your life, this writing workshop is for you.

In four weekly two-hour sessions, learn how to become a better, more confident wordsmith. In this workshop, you will learn how to organize your thoughts, structure your message, create the effect that you want with your words, learn basic self-editing techniques, and get tips about how to publish your work.


The essays you write and hone in this workshop will (if you choose) become part of an anthology of essays entitled, More than a Dream: Stories about what Matters Most, and will be published and sold as another future fundraiser for the new Ridgefield library. So if you want to become a published author (or bolster your portfolio), this is a great opportunity for you!

The $75 fee for eight hours of instruction is tax deductible because it goes directly to help build a new Ridgefield Community Library.

It’s a win, win!


No, that's not Princess Di. That's me!

No, that’s not Princess Di. That’s me!

Good question!

Lorna Earl, Ph.D. was a sociology professor who taught, published many academic papers in professional journals and conducted research in both private and public universities on the east coast for over twenty years. Creative writing has been her path since her premature disability retirement due to Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome in 2006. That and pretending to be Princess Di, which hasn’t worked out very well.

Lorna has written two successful self-published books. Her first book, How Was I Supposed to Know? was awarded Best Memoir, 2012 by the Adirondack Writing Center. Never Turn Back is her second book and her first historical fiction novel. In 2010, she was a finalist in the memoir genre of the national Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Contest with her short story, Monkey Business. Her recent short story, Tomb Therapy, won second place in the 2015 Susan Albert Story Circle Life Writing Contest and was published in the Women’s Story Circle Journal. Two of her current short stories have been published in The Columbian. She is certified as a copy editor and belongs to the Amercian Copy Editors Society.

Her first set of fundraising workshops about writing life stories (offered May-June, 2015 and October-November, 2017) were so popular that she was asked to offer more writing workshops. Since Lorna misses teaching and loves to help people as they work to attain their goals, she was happy to donate her time and talents once again.

Lorna lives in Ridgefield, Washington. As a person committed to lifelong learning and a believer in the integral role that public libraries play in personal and social development, Lorna is donating all the proceeds of this writing workshop to support the construction of the new Ridgefield Community Library.

Doesn’t she sound like someone who you would like to meet?

There is no advanced registration.

Just come to the Ridgefield Community Center on April 21 (Thursday) at 1:30 ready to learn to write better right now! Your $75 tax deductible fee will be due on the first day of the workshop.

If you write a check, make it payable to The Friends of the Ridgefield Community Library (write small!).

Still have questions? EMAIL Lorna!

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