Oops, but not the oopsiest …

duck oops

As you can see, I misjudged, miscalculated, erred, blundered, flubbed, goofed, oopsied big time.

It happens. I’m sorry.

I made a mistake in the last post.

We’re still having a supercalifragilistic-expialadocious Fall Used Book Sale in the Ridgefield Community Center.

The days of the week are:

  • Thursday evening (6-8 pm) for the Members Appreciation Reception and Advance Private Sale, but the date is 10/18.

  • Friday (11 am-7 pm) for the public sale, but the date is 10/19.

  • Saturday (11 am-3 pm) for the public sale, but the date is … you guessed it … 10/20.

So, now that I’ve confessed the error of my ways, apologized, and corrected my blatant lies from the last post, I’m able to vindicate myself.


Glad you asked! By comparing my little oopsie to one doozie of an oopsie.

At least I wasn’t the Talent VP at Decca Records on January 1st, 1962. A young band auditioned for them. Decca Records wasn’t interested. No one remembers Decca Records, but I bet you recognize at least one or two of these fellas.

young beatles

I bet that you recognize one or two of these fellas.

See you at Ridgefield’s Fall Used Book Sale! 





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