How Can I Join the Fun?

How can you become a part of this exciting time in the Friends of the Ridgefield Community Library?

Glad you asked!

You can start by becoming a member of the Friends.

By being part of our organization, you get to be in the center of the action. If you have ideas about ways to support the current and/or new library, you get to share them. You will be “in the know” about all the wonderful, inviting opportunities to learn, socialize, and have fun while making a positive difference for your community. And you’ll get to know some of the kindest, most supportive and cheerful people who, like you, love libraries and know what a treasure they are to any community.

Remember your donations to the library are tax-deductible (but the fee for membership is not)!

Becoming a Friend is Easy

Just click on “Membership Form” (below) to print out our official membership form. Fill out the form and get it to the library by mail or in person.

Membership Form


Donate Button with Credit Cards

If you would rather support our efforts by helping us to raise money for our new, bigger, better library, there are many ways to do that, too!

  • Be a part of our FUNdraising events by attending any or all of them!
  • Become an honored Cornerstone Member and be a part of the historical record of the new library!
  • Send in your private donation to the library at the address below.

Every effort and every dollar gets us closer to our goal of a library that reflects the social, cultural, and technological needs of a bigger, better Ridgefield.

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