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Little Free Library Unveiled!


It’s little. It’s a library. You’re free to take a book and donate a book. What a concept!

In this fast-paced, gadget-driven world, it’s easy to forget that we live in communities designed to support each other in big and small ways.


Don’t laugh. A writer needs to focus. Plus, This new sound system is awesome. It’s like I’m at a Bing Crosby concert…LIVE! The mask? Oh. That’s for my office’s 100-Day No-Munching-While-Key Punching Challenge.

On June 17th, the Friends of Ridgefield Community Library affirmed its commitment to nurturing the famous Ridgefield community spirit by unveiling an official Little Free Library (LFL) near the stately oak tree adjacent to Taverner Ridge on S. Hillhurst. It’s the third LFL in the 98642 zip code and joins approximately 30 LFLs in Clark County.

The concept is simple: it’s a neighborhood-based “take a book, return a book” free book exchange (although returning a book is not mandatory). The Friend’s LFL has a volunteer Steward, Judith Reel, who will make sure the LFL is stocked. Anyone may contribute and take books, and you don’t have to return the books you took. Little Library book exchanges function on the honor system. If everyone contributes to ensure there are always quality books inside, we all win!


It takes a village to raise a Little Free Library and here are some of the villagers. Lucky for us, these people are all Friends of the Ridgefield Community Library. They tend to travel in groups and with delectable treats!

Ridgefield’s LFL has already demonstrated the power of this program to spark creativity and encourage community collaboration. Sarah Trenn, then President of the Friends, introduced the idea in October 2016. Lyndon Divine, teen library volunteer, built the structure. High School art teacher, Tamara Hoodenpyle, and her students designed and painted the LFL. The City worked with Tevis Laspa (who installed the LFL) to plan and approve the site.


And this is what it’s all about, People!

The LFL had its first “customers,” Maddox and Paxson Stewart, during the unveiling. They came with a book to donate and were quite excited to find a wide array of captivating children’s books to take home. There were also some interesting titles for Mommy!

Don’t let this little library’s size fool you. Remember the old American proverb, “From small beginnings come great things.”


Well, perhaps not all small things turn out so great…but, you get the idea, right?