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Seasons Greetings and Gratitudes

Is it Christmas already? These headbands really need adjusting.

Is it Christmas already? I told you not to pull these sweatband down too low. We took our nap after that nice Thanksgiving meal, and now look what time it is!


This is just a simple and heartfelt thank you to all the good people supporting  the Ridgefield Community Library.

Whether you are a member of the Friends of Ridgefield Community Library or an occasional volunteer,
someone who attends our events or donates money to fund our projects,
a public servant working behind the scenes to make sure the library has a central place in the life of the city or a private citizen who uses the library as a resource,

You make a difference! Thank you!

We thank you because you show us through your words and deeds that this library is important, important enough to invest your time and resources in.

The Friends of Ridgefield Community Library wish all of you a safe, fulfilling, enjoyable holiday season.

See you 2017!

See you 2017!