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Help! We Need Some Cookies! Help!

Help! We need some cookies! Help! Not just any cookies. H...e...l...p! We're just four fab blokes who could use some tasty biscuits to fatten us up a might.

Help! We need some cookies! Help! Not just any cookies. H…e…l…p! We’re just four fab blokes who could use some tasty biscuits to put some zip in our act, yeah, yeah, yeah.

The First Saturday in December (December 1) is Hometown Celebration in Ridgefield.

That means the Ridgefield Community Library will be abuzz with activity.

To keep everyone’s energy levels up, the Friends are serving a Smorgasborg of tasty delights (a.k.a. cookies and spiced cider) from 9 am to 3 pm in the library.

And lots of them!


That’s where you come in.

We need volunteers to bring in a dozen or two or three of your favorite PACKAGED (store-bought) cookies to share with the public. 

Make sure you deliver your delectable decadences in their original packaging before 6:00 pm on Friday, November 30 so they will be available when the library opens for the festivities on Saturday.

We also need volunteers to help set up, serve, and clean up. Even an hour of your time will help us so much. And you’ll have fun. Remember, you’ll be standing behind a table filled with yumminess! But it won’t be as hectic or demanding as this:

I Love Lucy – Continuous Flow in the Candy Factory.mpg from Pinnacle Strategies on Vimeo.


Please contact Jeanne Androvich if you would like to help us and be a part of the fun! (360) 887-2579

Chasing balls? I’m in!


I simply must tell every poochie pie and putter nutter that something big (well, bigger than me) is a-coming in September. I sure hope this fancy contraption works. If it doesn’t, I’ll have to run around all of Ridgefield and yap, yap, yap the news. Trust me, no one wants that.

And the news is…

The 4th Annual Golf Tournament fundraiser to benefit the Ridgefield Library,
FORE! the Library Building Fund will
be held on Sunday, September 30, from 1 to 7 pm.

And here’s what you need to know:

  • Location: Tri Mountain Golf Course (1701 NW 299th Street Ridgefield, WA/360-887-3004/trimountaingolf.com)
  • This tournament is an 18-hole scramble
  • A team is 4-people large
  • Tickets are $100 per person (Exceptions: $85 if you purchase tickets before September 1 OR $85 for current Friends members regardless of when you buy the ticket)
  • The registration fee includes dinner (spaghetti, salad, and bread)
  • There will be a putting contest between holes 9 and 10
  • There will be games, raffles, and all kinds of fun

All proceeds go toward helping to build a bigger, better library for Ridgefield

Questions? Want to get in on the action AND support the library? Call 360-887-2160



What? I paid my registration fee, and the gal who called me said it was a Scramble. I scrambled to get this ball after some human batted the thing way out here. I’ll give it back when I’m finished. Cross my paws and hope to slobber.

As always, thanks for continued support of YOUR community library!

3rd Annual Guilt-Free Pizza Night! It’s True!


There’s no room for guilt when eating is this much of an adventure!

Go ahead.

Have seconds…or thirds.

Just make sure to save your splurge for
MONDAY, AUGUST 6, from 4-9, at
Vinnie’s Pizza, Pasta and More in downtown Ridgefield 

That’s when your (and our) favorite downtown Ridgefield Italian restaurant is hosting a fundraiser to help raise money for the Ridgefield Community Library.

Vinnie’s Pizza, Pasta and More will be donating 10% of the proceeds all food and drink sales (eat-in or take-out) to the library building fund! As a bonus, the generous owners of Vinnie’s will donate another 10% to equal 20% cash-back to YOUR wonderful library!

So bring your appetites!

And know that by having a delicious meal, you will be supporting your community in two ways:

  1. by helping to make our dream library a reality!
  2. by patronizing a local business that believes in libraries as much as you do!

If that doesn’t want to make you grab another slice of pizza and raise it in a toast for our awesome community, I don’t know what will!

Ridgefield is full of pizza party animals!

This should be a great time for everyone. Ridgefield is full of pizza party animals!


Mick Jagger Never Came to Our Library

Mick Jagger (1976)

There he is wailing about getting no satisfaction. Well, Mickey, Old Boy, try going to the Ridgefield Community Library. The staff there does everything in their power to make sure every customer leaves satisfied. And with a smile! You really should smile more, Mick.


The Friends of Ridgefield Community Library are hosting a Staff Appreciation Day and Reception on Tuesday, February 13 that is FREE and OPEN to EVERYONE.

The reception will be held at the library from 4 to 5 pm.

We will provide refreshments.

Whether you visit the library regularly or you haven’t been there yet, please join us in recognizing the hard work that these fine professionals do to bring a world of information to us each and every day.



This is a great opportunity to get to know the amazing staff, the Friends and others who, like you, treasure public libraries.


And spread the word! Bring a friend. The more, the merrier!



Did you hear about the free refreshments? Yup. And the chance to mingle? Yup. Wanna go? Heck, yes! Think they’ll notice we don’t have a library card? Heard it’s easy to get one… I’m game if you are. Hey! That’s not funny. Let’s just say it’s a date!

Golfers (not Gophers) Needed for FORE! Fundraiser


Did someone say they need me? Well, it’s about time! I was born ready, Mister! Whatcha want me to do? I’m great at digging stuff, but I’ve got many other talents. Sign me up! And I’ve got about thirty-seven others just like me raring to go. Uh oh. Really? You want GOLFERS, not gophers? Well, shucks. Nevermind.

Join us at Tri Mountain Golf Course Sunday, October 1 for the third annual FORE! Golf Tournament.
It’s a 1:00 pm scramble, which benefits the building fund for the new Ridgefield Library.
The cost is $85 and includes:
  • prizes
  • contests
  • a spaghetti dinner
  • and more

Call 360-887-2160 to register your foursome for this exciting fundraiser.


Whoa! First, there might be music, but this foursome won’t be providing it. Second, they weren’t known for their putting skills. But, there are four of them, and that’s what we’re aiming for: as many sets of four golfers to take part in our fundraiser. If Paul and Ringo want to bring two of their pals to play (golf, not old hits), we’d be happy to let them, right?

Be part of the solution!

We accept credit cards.
Questions? Call Kathy Winters at the above number, or email kathywinters179@gmail.com.

As always, thanks so much for supporting YOUR public library now and in the future!

Shout out for the August Silent Auction


Okay. This isn’t the item up for auction. Maybe when we get our NEW LIBRARY built and if we have a little (or a lot) of energy left over for more fundraising, we could afford to buy this sleek little number so that one of our Ridgefield tots can jet around in space-aged style. But, for now, let’s get ourselves back down to good old Mother Earth, shall we, People?

Every month, the Friends auction off something special and wonderful in our never-ending quest to raise money for the library.

You have to check in regularly at the library to see what’s up on the auction block, what the current bid is, and if you are in the lead.


A brand-new, deluxe Scrabble board game with a Scrabble Dictionary and a beautiful wooden cribbage set will be available throughout the month of August as the Silent Auction item. Bidding starts August 1 (see the item and make your bid at the library). Don’t miss out on these wonderful additions to your game collection and the chance to support a GREAT cause.  At the end of August, the highest bidder will be notified. Questions? Contact Tevis Laspa (360-600-0943) 

It’s an easy, fun, and exciting way to support YOUR library AND get wonderful things for you or someone on your gift-giving list.

Silent auctions are great! Look what I got. It's not just a ball. It's a just-my-size, perfectly yellow, I'm-not-sharing ball.

Silent auctions are great! Look what I got by being silent. It’s not just a ball. It’s a just-my-size, perfectly yellow, I’m-not-sharing ball.

 proceeds from the Friends fundraisers will be used to support the Ridgefield Library Building Fund, as well as the programs and services provided by the Ridgefield Community Library.

As always, thank you for supporting YOUR public library!


Just in time for BBQ season!

Actually, we're having a silent auction. Hopefully YOU are having a cookout and need our first item up for bidding.

Actually, we’re having a silent auction. Hopefully, YOU are having a cookout and need our first item up for bidding.

As you know, the Friends of the Ridgefield Library are actively raising money to help fund a new library in Ridgefield. We are starting a silent auction of items that have been donated to the library. See the items via photos here or in the library.

You have to go to the library to leave your bid, so don’t wait if you see something you want!

Auctions will last four weeks unless someone agrees to buy the item at the “Guaranteed Purchase Price.”

Every time a new item comes up, we will post it here!

The item can be picked up from the library immediately after the close of the auction.

The first item in this fundraiser: 6 bags of Kingsford Original Charcoal. Each bag weighs 7.7 lb, for a total of approx. 45 lb. Estimated retail price $6.50/bag, or about $39.00.

Think of all the yummy food you can cook with this stuff!

Think of all the yummy food you can cook with this hot stuff!

Guaranteed purchase price of $30.00

Come into the library now to place your bid!

If you have questions about this item or if you have an item you think might be appropriate for a silent auction in the future, contact Tevis (360-887-3879 or tlaspa@pacifier.com).

The Friends of the Ridgefield Library are SO excited about how supportive everyone in the community is when it comes to helping to build a new, bigger, better library!

The Friends of the Ridgefield Library are SO excited about how supportive everyone in the community is when it comes to helping to build a new, bigger, better library! We think you’re great!