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What was I Supposed to Remember?

Petey the Pup: Is dis a test? Dang! I knew we shoulda jus stayed home an’ done chores like we was s’posed ta.

This is not a test. It’s a simple reminder that the Fine & Dandy Fabric Fundraiser is coming up THIS Saturday (March 23) from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm in the current library building (210 N Main Ave).

Gee, thanks for the scoop! Once this hits the wires with MY byline, maybe the boss will take me off of the Lonely Hearts column.

Friends are welcome to come to our Preview Sale from 9:00 to 10:00 am. Not a Friend? No worries; join at the door!


Yes, really!

The fundraiser is all about selling fabric that has been sorted, measured and tagged (at MUST-GO prices). All you need to do is come and BUY, BUY, BUY! For more information about the sale, click here.

Questions? Email or call Donna (360-887-2700).

Hope to see you there!

Oh, yes! I want to reprise my role as court jester (seen here in my favorite college photo). Alas, this costume no longer fits my middle-aged rolls. I know the Fine & Dandy Fabric Fundraiser will have just what I need.

Sew Much Excitement​. Again. For Real This Time.

This is no way to drive to the Fabulous Friends Fabric Fundraiser. That’s why we chose to cancel the event in February. We’re hoping that you won’t need much more gear than your wallet for the rescheduled event on MARCH 23.

serious seamstress

Okay. Remind me. I can’t keep all the details in my nicely permed head.

If you’re into sewing, quilting, or making:

costumes, set designs, small home décor projects, totes, handbags, or crafty projects, don’t miss this fundraiser!

Community members have donated piles of all kinds of fabric. Some with multiple yardages. Lots are one yard or less. VERY reasonable prices!

When? Saturday, March 23, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm (Members of the Friends of Ridgefield Library are invited to the special Preview Sale from 9:00 to 10:00 am prior to the public event that Saturday.) 

Gee. I wish I was I Friend. I’d love to get in early.

No worries! Just join at the door. The Friends will  welcome you!

Where? The Ridgefield Community Center (small room)

Questions? Email or call Donna (360-887-2700).

We’ve tried to make shopping as easy as possible for you.
You’re welcome!

We’ve done the sorting, labeling and pricing.

L0025668 Women sanitary inspector examining young girls hair

We lined up some of our best, most dedicated volunteers.

all chemical and a yard wide

We measured, priced, and labeled every piece of fab—whoa! Wait just a minute! Iix nay on the Ihemicals cay! We know nothing about the chemical composition of the fabrics. Do we look like microscale metamaterials physicists? I rest my case! What was my case, anyway?

Now, all that’s left is for you quilters, sewers (um, er, people who sew), crafters, and costume or set designers to come down to the Ridgefield Community Center on Saturday, March 23 between 10 am and 2 pm. You can enter for free, but please don’t leave empty-handed!

Really? You’re gonna let me go to the Fine & Dandy Fabric Fundraiser knowing what a hound I am for a good deal? Howl about that!

This fundraising event is sponsored by the Friends of Ridgefield Community Library. All proceeds go to support current and future programs and to help build our new library.

no tricks no sleeves

Friends don’t keep any money for themselves. Honest. There won’t be any pulling of tricks from our sleeves; we are clearly a sleeveless kind of group!

As always, thank you for supporting YOUR public library!

Wanna Come? Wanna? Wanna? Please …

Please come to the party. Trust us, the Friends of Ridgefield Community Library know how to throw a nifty shindig.

We want to make sure you see this because we want you to be there to thank the people who made the perfect site for YOUR new library happen.

Um, no. It’s not that kind of party.

One Small, no, Giant Step …


Okay, fine. So maybe our “step” isn’t quite as big-hoopla-showy and ooh-la-la memorable as the moon landing, but it’s jump-up-and-down, gotta-spread-the-word fabulous. At least we think so.

Next time you are walking or driving by the Ridgefield Community Center, you’ll notice some new signs indicating that construction will begin soon on YOUR new, bigger, better library!

big jump

We just saw the signs. On the library, that is. Great news! We’re so excited. And, if you don’t mind our saying so, these are pretty giant steps, right?

Our dream of a new library became a vision that we, as a community, supported (and continue to support!) in every way. Now, four years later, our new library is becoming very real.

old woman cigarette

Only four years? Really? I could have sworn it was longer. My hair was was jet-black and I had eyelashes when we started this fundraising campaign!

As the current library relocates and construction begins, keep your eyes peeled here for news about library programs, fundraising events (yes, we still need money to make the dream a reality), and updates on the construction. You can also visit the Friends of the Library website: folridgefieldwa.com for current information. You can also join the Friends!

old communication

I’m begging you, People, use these nifty information sources available to you, otherwise,​ I’m going to have to dust this old monster off, hope she works and blast out news alerts … or tobacco​ smoke. I can’t remember what this thing does …

Thank you, Ridgefield and everyone who invested in this treasure of a community resource! And a HUGE thanks to the Ridgefield Community Center for providing us with the perfect site for the library.








It’s Official! A New Home for our Library!


Don’t know about you, but it’s been a LONG time since I’ve been this flexible. But … we’ve been waiting a LONG time to get the official word about our new library’s home, too. So, let’s shimmy, shake, and swing in celebration! And turn up your heating pad to the “Yup, I acted like a young-un’ again” setting.

You’ve probably heard the unofficial word that the Ridgefield Community Center is going to be converted into our new, bigger, modern Ridgefield Community Library.


Yup! Even I’ve heard that rumor.

Well, it’s not a rumor anymore! It’s official.

The Memorandum of Understanding among the Ridgefield Community Center, the FVRL Foundation and the Trustees of the Fort Vancouver Regional Library District is signed, which allows the planning for the new Ridgefield Library to proceed.


This means we can get serious about building the library because we have a site.

Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard to make this happen.

The thermometer on the sign outside the library has changed to reflect that the generous donation of the building qualifies for the matching grant through the Community Foundation for Southwest Washington. The building’s appraised value will be matched!


Woohoo! Yippee! Hurrah! Whoop whoop! Huzza! Yahoo! [Insert your preferred exclamation of joyful excitement.]



We gratefully thank the Ridgefield Community Center Association. And a big thanks to each and every one of you who have supported us and will continue to help us as we raise the much-needed funds to complete this valuable project for YOUR community!


Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Help Provide Input into YOUR New Ridgefield Community Library Location

Fort Vancouver Regional Library (FVRL) District is hosting a public meeting on Saturday, April 14 at 11 am at the Ridgefield Community Center to share information on the options and opportunities for the new library location.

Come out and hear about the options.

Help weigh in on where you think the district should choose to locate YOUR new library.

This is an important meeting! Your input is valuable, so make your voice heard.


Did you hear that? It sounded like some terribly miserable sheep. Poor creatures! But I also heard something about an important meeting on Saturday, April 14th, at 11 am in the Ridgefield Community Center. What do you say? Let’s hoof on over and check it out!



Take a Load Off. We’ll Help!

Nothing weighs you down like a pile of books you’ve read.


Well, I suppose some things could weigh you down even more.

Anyway, those wonderful books you’ve enjoyed are just sitting there, taking up space, gathering dust, and silently asking to be released into the literary wilderness for someone else to enjoy them.

How about you make them (the books), you, countless other readers, and the Ridgefield Library very happy by donating those books to our Winter Book Sale?

I know!

I know!

Just pile up your books, load them into your car (or other form of transportation), and drop them off at the library any time before February 1.

This will work, too. Just make sure Peaches has her Wheaties before hauling too many books, especially if you live downhill from the library.

This will work, too. Just make sure Peaches has her Wheaties before hauling too many books, especially if you live downhill from the library.

If that doesn’t work for you, call Sarah (360-702-8245) and she’ll help make arrangements to lighten your load.

And remember to stop by the Winter Book Sale on Friday (2/3/17) or Saturday (2/4/17)  from 10 am to 3 pm at the Ridgefield Community Center to pick up great books you haven’t read yet.

Don't worry. We'll have bags. Lots and lots of bags for those great books at unbelievably low prices.

Don’t worry. We’ll have bags. Lots and lots of bags for those great books at unbelievably low prices.

All donations and proceeds of the book sale benefit current library programs and  the future new library.

As always, thank you so much for your support of literacy and YOUR public library!

Yup. That's how we feel about our library friends!

Yup. That’s how we feel about our library friends!

The Purr-fect Solution to Your Holiday Shopping Woes

Are you having trouble completing your holiday gift-giving list? Fret no more. We have the purr-fect solution for you.

Are you having trouble completing your holiday gift-giving list? Fret no more. We have the purr-fect solution for you.

On Saturday, December 3rd, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, the Friends will be holding a Golden Elephant Sale in the Community Center as part of Ridgefield’s Hometown celebration.

If you find this little pachyderm irresistible, then we've got something to talk about!

If you find this little pachyderm irresistible, then you’ll love the generous and high-end donations that the Friends have been collecting over the past several months just for this annual event!

What’s a Golden Elephant Sale? It’s a place for you to buy high-end, gently-used items at ridiculously reasonable prices. These treasures are perfect for your holiday gift-giving lists: high-class goods that are oh-so-kind to your budget. You’ll find the kind of items you would likely see in a nice vintage shop.

So come on by and buy, buy, buy!

Everything you buy will benefit the library!


As always, our gratitude goes out to everyone who donated items for the sale, helped to organize the event, and supports the library!

What Happens to Paint When it Gets Mixed with Water on Paper?

Painting a masterpiece takes talent. Everyone has talent. You just have to believe in yourself!

Painting a masterpiece takes talent. Everyone has talent. You just have to believe in yourself!

What happens to paint when it gets mixed with water on a paper?

If you guessed any of the following, then you have the potential to be talented a watercolor artist:

  1. The paint gets drippy…or watery.
  2. The color of the paint lightens up.
  3. If any other colors are nearby, they glush* together to form new colors.
  4. Magical things like landscapes and other stuff can happen.

*Technically, not a word, but it really should be!

If you’re interested in painting, magic, and artistic expression, then have we got some opportunities for you!

Kathy Winters, Ridgefield’s own distinguished resident artist, is offering TWO (2) watercolor classes.

If you missed her first class in June, she is doing an encore of that class (and landscape, Misty Morning).

Anyone can paint this beautiful watercolor under Kathy's expert guidance.

Anyone can paint this beautiful watercolor under Kathy’s expert guidance.

The event is called Sip’n Paint, held at Woodland’s Fat Moose restaurant (1382 Lewis River Road), Thursday, September 29 from 7 to 9 pm. Cost is $45 per person and half the money collected will go to the Ridgefield Library building fund.

Call Shirley, 619-368-2715, to register.  Call Kathy (360-887-2160) with questions.


If you think this is beyond your abilities to paint, then you're wrong! Kathy will show you how to release your inner artist!

If you think this is beyond your abilities to paint, then you’re wrong! Kathy will show you how to release your inner artist!

The second opportunity is another Paint with Kathy class held on Saturday, October 8 from 10 am to noon at the Ridgefield Community Center. This is the second in a series of paint classes, proceeds of which benefit the library building fund. Cost is $45 per person and there is a limit of twelve people. All materials are provided, and we welcome beginners.

Call Kathy NOW (360-887-2160) to register. 

In art, as in life, it's important to get plenty of water!

In watercolor, as in life, it’s important to keep hydrated! She’s positively glushing! See? I told you it should be a word!