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Let the Books Speak for Themselves

Come on down to the library building this Friday (May 3) and Saturday (May 4) for the Friends’ big Spring Book Sale! Rather than us telling you all about it, the books wanted to have their say.

It’s really not mysterious at all, book lovers of Ridgefield and surrounding areas.
Simply arrive at the current library building
(Large Community Room
210 N Main Avenue, Ridgefield, WA)

at noon on Friday, May 3rd (or at 10:00 am if you’re a Friends member—
someone will be there to sign you up as a member if you aren’t already a Friend!)
and shop until 7:00 pm! Shopping begins again at 9:00 am on Saturday, May 4th and ends at 4:00.
The only logical course of action for the rational adult in a Capitalist society would be to avail themselves and their kin (children and extended family) of this extraordinary cost-saving opportunity. According to our calculations, since every item (unless otherwise marked) is only $1.00, the cost of attending this event and obtaining as many items as possible is, in the parlance of top economists around the world, next ta nothin’ folks!

If how-to is your thing, we’ve got you covered! Gardening. Cooking. Sewing. Bird-watching Mechanical. Building. Writing. And so much more! Maybe even baton twirling …
Books are for old-schoolers. Right, you cool dudes and dudettes? Check out the tables with movies and music and audio books.
We sure could use your help to spread the word far and wide that all these books like me need a home.
We could also use VOLUNTEERS to help before, during, and after the book sale! Clearly, this kind Friend is overwhelmed with all the work she’s been doing trying to get ready to make your book-buying experience a fun and easy one. Don’t you want to help her????
YES! I’ll help! But I’m not a Friend. Can I still help?

You sure can! Just contact Jeanne Androvich to sign up as a volunteer. 360-887-2579 or Jeanne.androvich@mindspring.com
And make sure to buy some raffle tickets for a chance to own this Ridgefield-themed quilt! Tickets are $5 each or buy 5 for $25 and receive an original watercolor bookmark by Kathy Winters.  The raffle drawing will be held during Hometown Celebration the first Saturday in December 2019.
See you there! Yes? I really, really, really, really hope so! Pretty please with kitty nip and puppy treats on top?

All that glitters…and more! We need your treasures for our Golden Elephant Sale.

If you find this little pachyderm irresistible, then we've got something to talk about!

If you find this little pachyderm irresistible, then we’ve got something to talk about!

On Saturday, December 3rd–don’t laugh, it’ll be here before you know it!– the Friends will be holding a Golden Elephant Sale as part of Ridgefield’s Hometown celebration.

What’s a Golden Elephant Sale? It’s a place for you to buy high-end, gently used or brand new items at ridiculously reasonable prices. These items are perfect for your holiday gift-giving lists: high-class goods that are oh-so-kind to your budget. Think of this sale as an up-scale White Elephant sale.

But before we can have a Big Top Ballyhoo of a Golden Elephant Sale, we need you to donate YOUR new or upscale, gently used items. And we need them NOW! 

We’re looking for new or like-new gadgets, jewelry, collectibles, fashion accessories, home decor items, glassware, etc. NO clothing, please! Think of the kind of items you would likely see in a nice vintage or recycled items shop. Or items that could be regifted without any hullaballoo.  

What? That catnip mouse you gave me was formerly Mr. Whisters' discarded toy? The never of some humans...

What? That catnip mouse you gave me was formerly Mr. Whisters’ discarded
toy? The nerve of some humans…

To donate items call Ilia (360-727-3387) or  Vicki (513-335-0955) NOW.

Then, on December 3rd, come to the Ridgefield Community Center with your holiday shopping list in hand and get ready to buy, buy, buy and save, save, save!

Everything you do (donating items and buying gifts at the sale) will benefit the Ridgefield Community Library!

Thank you so much for your support!

The Friends of the Ridgefield Library are SO excited about how supportive everyone in the community is when it comes to helping to build a new, bigger, better library!

The Friends of Ridgefield Library applaud this community. You are so supportive of YOUR public library!