About the Friends


We’re a great group of Friends who care about our community library and are always looking for more Friends to join us!

The Friends of Ridgefield Community Library is an independent non-profit group dedicated to raising funds, awareness, and goodwill for our library.

As a Friend, your dollars, time, and energy go a long way!

We help pay for additional books and movies, enriching our collection for our community. When the City of Ridgefield holds an event, we are there to represent the library and lend our support to the fun and festivities.

Here are just a few examples of the kinds of activities we are involved in throughout the year:

  • Involvement in Programs for Our Youth by funding a Summer Reading program, purchasing supplies for special programs (i.e., arts, LEGOs), and providing refreshments for library events.
  • Coordinating and Hosting Fun Events to Raise Money for Library Books and Movies (including paying for the 2015 library movie license).
  • Participating in Ridgefield Community Events and Celebrations as community advocates of our public library during various annual events and “First Saturday” celebrations
  • Sponsoring Local Author Readings and Educational Lectures
    by funding speakers, helping with advertising, and providing refreshments
  • Promoting Literacy through our enthusiastic support of all things related to our charming library!

Click here for a copy of our bylaws, so that you’ll understand how this organization operates.

Currently, the Friends are busy with a very important project: helping to raise funds for a new, bigger, better Ridgefield Community Library. This is an exciting and challenging time for us. There is no better time to be a Friend and become part of this exhilarating project. To find out more about this project, go to our Building for the Future page.

Everyone needs more friends.

We sure do!

If you want to become our friend, have fun and make a positive difference that will last a lifetime, just click here!

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